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When choosing an estate agent in West Bromwich, experience and local knowledge should be the top item on your list. While national franchises may have greater name recognition. However they don’t know the market like a truly local estate and lettings agent does.
Let GS Property help you buy, sell, or rent with our team of local experts.

Selling with a West Bromwich Estate Agent

If you have a property to sell in West Bromwich, we are the team you can trust to provide the best service for local sales. We know the area and so value properties competitively and correctly. Ensuring you get the best possible price while completing the sale as quickly as possible.
Without our comprehensive knowledge or West Bromwich, estate agents may over or under price your property. It’s always nice to hear your home is worth a lot, and overpricing is more common than you might expect. However if nobody is willing to pay that amount you won’t be able to sell. And of course, if your property is under-priced, you won’t achieve the sale price that it has the potential to reach.
It’s a finely balanced decision that not all estate agents in West Bromwich get right. Choosing GS Property to sell with will get you the right price. The right buyer, and the result you were looking for.

Buying from a Local Estate Agent in West Bromwich

No estate agent in West Bromwich can match the service we provide. We always price our properties fairly and do everything we can to help both buyers and sellers to complete the process quickly and efficiently.
Whether you’re a first-time buyer or already own a property and are looking to move on. We are confident  we’ll have the ideal property for you. We know everyone is an individual and has different needs and expectations of what they want from a property. So we’re always on hand to help you find your dream home and move in as soon as possible.
As an estate agent in West Bromwich we want to serve the local community well. We will always go above and beyond your expectations.

West Bromwich Lettings Agent

Finding a letting agent in West Bromwich is easy. Finding one that will work for your benefit can be tricky. We believe that the customer should always come first, and so if you have a flat, apartment, house, bungalow. Or anything else that you want to let out, we should be your first choice.
We provide great attention to detail and will help you to market your rental property effectively. Identifying tenants who are most suited to your property is a skill.  We’re happy to say we have the experience to make it an easy process.
If you’re looking for a place to rent, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Simply tell us what your requirements are, and we’ll take care of the rest. Finding you somewhere to live for either short term or long-term contracts.
We are the most flexible West Bromwich letting agent, meaning that whatever you are looking for, we’ll be able to help.

Why choose a local West Bromwich Estate and Lettings Agent?

Any estate agent or letting agent can put your property on the market. But it takes specialist knowledge to get buyers truly interested. Local details matter, whether it’s where the nearest schools and parks are. Especially on what the neighbourhood is like overall.
Certain areas may be more suited to young families, while other might be better positioned for working professionals. Some people like areas filled with history, others like an artistic vibe. While others still just want easy access to the shops.
You can discover many of these things by simply looking at a map. However an estate agent in West Bromwich should know the area like the back of their hand. Knowing the shortcuts, the hidden local treasures, and experiencing life in and around West Bromwich serves to enhance the knowledge of our team. This gives us the best chance to market your property well. Which also gives you the best chance of achieving the asking price.
A letting agent in West Bromwich should always be able to identify the monthly cost of renting a property without needing to refer to a chart or check on the internet. Local knowledge is the key to providing a top-class service that keeps our clients happy.

GS Property – Selling and Letting in West Bromwich

We hand-pick our team to be the best in West Bromwich. Our customers – buying, selling, or letting – are the most important part of our business. It’s important  when we keep you happy, our business will thrive.
To this end, we choose team members with exceptional local knowledge. Often having lived in the area for an extended period of time. We aim to know everything that we can about all parts of West Bromwich. From Great Barr to Stone Cross, from Charlemont to Sandwell Valley, and all points in-between.
We can’t guarantee that everyone is a West Bromwich Albion supporter. However we’re fully in support of West Bromwich itself. Everyone who lives here deserves to be happy and in accommodation that they enjoy. Furthermore  choosing a local sales and lettings agent in West Bromwich will give you the best chance of selling, buying, or renting the perfect property in the area.


How to choose an estate agent in West Bromwich?

Before deciding which estate agent to go with, make sure they are registered with AML and they are a member of an approved redress scheme such as The Property Ombudsman.


What to consider when choosing an estate agent in West Bromwich?

Before deciding which estate agent to list with, check customer reviews, speak with the person that will be working on your house sale through to completion and make sure that the estate agent is advertising on the main property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.


How much does it cost to sell a house in West Bromwich?

This all depends on the type of estate agent you choose, whether they are online only, hybrid or traditional bricks and mortar shop front as each costs are factored into their fees. Most common fees are between 1% and 2%, it is known that some estate agents in West Bromwich are charging 2.5% and 3% fees. The other type of service now more common is the upfront fixed fee pricing model, which could save you up to 50% on the tradition percentage fee pricing model. The fixed fees range from £99 all the way up to £1999 depending on the estate agent, their business structure and type.


How long does it take to sell a house in West Bromwich?

Selling a house from initial valuation to completion can take up to 6 months if the buyers are requiring a mortgage, cash buyers usually can complete with in 3 months and if you sell with the auction business model then within 28 days to a maximim of 60 days depending on the auction house.


What price does a house sell for in West Bromwich?

Selling your property and determining a sale price is not a straight forward process as a number of factors such as condition, improvements made and supply and demand in the local market place effect pricing. Using an online valution tool can be a good starting point, though its only a generic figure, a more realistic figure can only be determined by an estate agent visit to your property and carry out a full market appraisal.